The Inner-Child Archetype 

Working with the Archetype system is a powerful healing experience when learning to identify ancient universal patterns within yourself, or what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious.” Even when it seems as though you are partaking in a great deal of personal and spiritual growth, certain patterns are almost impossible to interrupt.  They continue to show up in the form of chronic backache, arthritis, depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, lack of finances, addiction, sexual dysfunction, and so on. To learn more about healing systems…

To help interrupt these patterns, you can begin the process by identifying your 12 Archetypes. Four of the twelve Archetype patterns we all have in common include: The Inner-Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, and The Saboteur.

Please select one of six Inner-Children you feel most closely aligned:

Wounded Child

  • Light Aspects:  A desire to help other wounded children with compassion.
  • Dark Aspects:  Unconsciously reenacting experiences of abuse, neglect and trauma from childhood and blames their parents for their choices and chaos in their lives.

Orphan Child

  • Light Aspects:  Independent and seeks out healthy support groups in which to connect.
  • Dark Aspects:  Suffers from feelings of abandonment and seeks out inappropriate surrogate families and support.

Magical Child 

  • Light Aspects:  Maintains wisdom and courage regardless of their personal struggles or surroundings.
  • Dark Aspects:  Gets lost in fantasy without committing to the growth necessary for personal transformation.

 Nature Child

  • Light Aspects:  Strong bond with the earth and animals.
  • Dark Aspects:  Tendency to abuse animals and people and the environment.

Eternal Child

  • Light Aspects:  Manifests as an ability to stay young in body, mind and spirit.
  • Dark Aspects:  An inability to grow up and be responsible.

Divine Child

  • Light Aspects:  Innocence, purity, and redemption; God-like qualities and a special union with the Divine itself.
  • Dark Aspects:  Manifests as an inability to defend one-self against negative forces.

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