Kathleen Riley McCarthy
Energy Medicine Expert, Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner, Apothecary Artist, Inspirational Writer.

“I am comfortable in my own skin when I am authentic and I deeply love and accept myself, and the Universe deeply loves and accepts me unconditionally.”

Knowing What’s True

Getting to know who you really are takes a lot of hard work and honesty. You must be willing to commit to the reality of what you know to be true for you. Others will try to sway you to conform to their desires. Say, “Good for you. I am happy that works well for you. Thank you, but this is what I know to be best for me.”   Be true. Be you.


You Can Learn to Heal Yourself

By learning to access your vital energy system, you are actually tapping into your body’s natural healing abilities.  The various energy centers, also known as the chakra system, regulate and control many aspects of who you are.  They include your emotions, your self-esteem, your capacity to love, to effectively communicate or focus your mind. From the day you were conceived…

How It Started
How It Started

The Inspiration He said, “Let’s call it ‘Potions’. She said, Let’s add the word ‘Prayers’. So together, the husband and wife team created Potions & Prayers for inspired apothecary goods and the authentically lovable you. Kathleen Riley McCarthy, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Co-Founder, takes Potions & Prayers to a whole new level by applying her knowledge to create a variety…

Embracing Change Through Crisis for a Higher Purpose

Recently, I was asked by the National Coach Academy for an interview about my journey as an energy medicine expert and coaching professional.  I’m happy to share this story with you because it’s a good example of embracing change through crisis.  Whether it was going through a divorce, a parent passing, losing a job, or children struggling, each step of…

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