Acceptance Candle


90-Hour Aromatherapy Intention Candle

Sage Citrus

Close Eyes | Hands on Heart

I am enough, and I deeply love and accept myself and the Universe deeply loves and accepts me unconditionally.

An Amazing Candle to Snuggle With & Feel Good About Yourself! Set Your Intention of Acceptance!

Made with the perfect blend of fragrance oils and soy-based wax, this amazing candle burns for approximately 90 hours giving off a consistent and even melt. It measures 3 1/4″ wide x 3 1/2″ tall and comes in a pretty white box for gift giving or to store and keep your intentions private.

Fresh sage leaves are known to help relieve depression, mental fatigue and strain with top note blends of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds.

Meditate on your Intention of Acceptance while the candle is lit. Say the words, “I am enough…”

Acceptance is most heavenly in and around you today and everyday!

To learn more about setting an intention statement, click here.

Portions of the proceeds go to trauma survivors at


90-Hour Intention Candle

8.25 oz Hand Poured Soy Candle Made with Essential Oils