The Inspiration

He said, “Let’s call it Potions.” She said, “Let’s add the word Prayers” So together, the husband and wife team created Potions & Prayers for inspired apothecary goods. Kathleen Riley McCarthy, Co-Founder, takes Potions & Prayers to a whole new level by applying her knowledge as a Certified Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner to create a variety of products based on a system of healing and wellness.

The Goods

These inspired apothecary goods are hand-mixed in small batches using only natural ingredients infused with healing herbs and essential oils. Every product is carefully labeled with prayers, meditations, and intentions to further support healing and wellness. The products include soy-based candles, lotion candles, body butter creams, herbal care creams, stress relief balms, lotion bars, and balancing mists.

The Artwork

The authentic-self artwork, posing on every Potions & Prayers product label, is an art deco oil rendering reproduced by the founder in her twenties. She believes the painting adds to the meaning behind Potions & Prayers as a brand in celebration of the authentically lovely you.

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