Archetype Mapping the Energy Matrix System.  Working with Archetype systems gives clients a powerful healing experience when they begin to identify ancient universal patterns within themselves, or what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious.” Even when it seems as though a person is partaking in a great deal of personal and spiritual growth; certain patterns are almost impossible to interrupt.  They continue to show up in the form of chronic backache, arthritis, depression, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, lack of finances, addiction, sexual dysfunction, and so on.  Just about any sort of pain we experience – whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual –its roots can be traced by going from the larger story on down to the origin of where it began.

The main objective in working with the Archetypes based on the work of Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (Myss, 2002), is to coach the client to reach their highest potential in life.  When they identify Archetypal stories in relationship to their own truth, the healing process takes place at a meta-level.  New realities form and whole systems shift as they come closer to who they really are.

We first determine twelve archetype characters and intuitively place them in the human matrix.  Everyone has an inner child, victim, prostitute, and saboteur.  To learn more, go to ‘gallery of archtypes’ to select your inner-child type i.e. eternal, wounded, nature, divine, magical, and orphan and your remaining eight archetypes.

Once in place, clients learn how to sense positive and negative aspects of self in relation to ever-predictable universal patterns called story.  From there, we integrate meridian-based self-healing protocols with the awareness of story to release negative energies and create newer, healthier realities.

The WHEE Method (WHEE).  Wholistic Hybrid Derived from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Emotional Freedom Technique developed by Dr. Daniel Benor, M.D., is a gentle and safe self-healing method for removing subtle energies.  The WHEE Method is known for addressing the root of the problem concerning emotional destress without re-traumatizing the body while allowing the installation of positive responses to replace the negative issues that have just been released.  According to Dr. Daniel Benor, M.D. (Benor, 2008), “With each installation, by moving the eyes rhythmically, repeatedly, back and forth from right to left and back; by alternately tapping the right and left eyebrow at the point nearest the nose; by patting the biceps of each arm (a ‘butterfly hug’); or by any other rhythmic, repeated right and left stimulation, allows for an emotional or physical pain release to occur.”

Healing Meditation Protocol.  Healing and the Creative Response developed by Rev. Cay-Randell May, PhD, sets up four easy steps through a guided mediation with the client including the following: setting an intention, relaxing and clearing, engaging and blending and attuning to agape love.  Most of the time, after this exercise is complete, clients feel a sense of relief or a release of emotional distress or pain from the body.  It is especially beneficial for individuals who have experienced trauma as an infant to twelve-months of age or at any age when memories are irretrievable.

Soul Detective Work.  With over 40 advanced energy therapy protocols to coach and mentor clients, Soul Detective work developed by Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, (Stone, 2008) helps heal the origins or “invisible roots” of a client’s complex emotional wounds. What is especially beneficial about this work is that it looks at the invisible world of spirit behind trauma and resolves the spiritual aspects. Soul Detective work cuts right to the core of unseen problems when working with clients who suffer from a multitude of problems. By addressing the spiritual aspects first, invading energies can easily be dealt with and moved into the Light. Once these energies are cleared, the client then has an opportunity to heal and seal their own wounds.

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